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2 Nov by Mikael HOUNDEGNON Tags: , , , ,

What you should know before changing MySQL max_connections variable

  Have you tried connecting to your MySQL server only to get the annoying error, “too many connections” ? This means that the number of available connections are in use by other clients on the server. And it can be quite annoying to get this error especially when you have an urgent need to access […]
25 Oct by Engr. Mohammad Rizwan Yasin

Installation of MySQL Enterprise Monitor

  MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a tool that register several MySQL Instances and provide complete details i.e. performance graphs and other details for analysis, Costly Queries, Backup, Events & Warnings etc Step By Step Installation of MySQL Enterprise Monitor: A new MySQL Instance install that manage the repository for monitoring   Follow the steps and […]
24 Oct by Engr. Mohammad Rizwan Yasin

MySQL Auditing

  MySQL Community Edition: MySQL Community Edition having feature of auditing but I cannot having feature  filter the users To activate audit log: [crayon-5c3e652ba96a9043309943/]   To disable audit log: [crayon-5c3e652ba96ae680747264/]   You can also do these setting in my.cnf   MySQL Enterprise Edition: MySQL Community Edition having feature of auditing and it have several extended […]
19 Oct by Engr. Mohammad Rizwan Yasin

MySQL Enterprise Backup

  Pre-requites: Must have MySQL Enterprise Edition installed Download media file :  meb-4.1.0-el6.x86_64.rpm (For Linux Platform)   Installation of MySQL Enterprise Backup Command to install rpm of MySQL Enterprise Backup : rpm -ivh meb-4.1.0-el6.x86_64.rpm   Configuration Setup Create a user  named:”backup” to perform backup and restrict the permissions accordingly i.e. assign the following permissions [crayon-5c3e652ba98dd917303774/] […]
2 Oct by Shashishekar H A

Implementation of GTID replication using MariaDB

  GTID replication is a simple High Availability solution (HA) offered in MySQL and MariaDB though the implementation technique is unique but compared to MySQL using MariaDB is easy to implement. As we know Replication is the solution where Master’s data is replicated in the Slave server and the Slave server replay the master’s binary […]