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How To Start and Stop Teradata Database

  There can be different scenario’s where Teradata database needs to be stopped and started by database administrator or the database restarted automatically. So there are basically two types of restarts: Scheduled restarts : User may input command to bring the database down for maintenance or software patch upgrades and bring it up and running […]
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  Following query will verify if any DBQL rule exists: locking table DBC.DBQLRuleTbl for access [crayon-5c3e654c0a3e1699290140/]   Note: View DBC.DBQLRules OR DBC.DBQLRulesV can also be used in above query.   To review existing DBQL rules you can either use “SHOW QUERY LOGGING” or Use DBC tables/view mentioned earlier (e.g DBC.DBQLRuleTbl). Syntax: [crayon-5c3e654c0a3e6975007826/]   Example: [crayon-5c3e654c0a3e9012146548/] […]
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How To Configure Viewpoint Service In Teradata

  To configure Viewpoint follow below steps: [crayon-5c3e654c0aa8b522866910/]   After running the above steps then do the below service restart: [crayon-5c3e654c0aa90499793968/]   Teradata Alerts contains the following services: • tdactivemq: Messaging service that allows message exchanges between the Teradata Alerts components For example, to start the messaging service: [crayon-5c3e654c0aa93492812100/]   To stop the messaging service: [crayon-5c3e654c0aa95814507260/] To restart the messaging service: […]
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Teradata Query Grid : Connection with different systems ( Database , NoSQL , Hadoop )

  Teradata 15.0 has come up with many new exciting features and enhanced capabilities  . Teradata Query Grid is one of them. Teradata database now able to connect Hadoop with this Query Grid so it’s called as Teradata Database-to-Hadoop also referred as  Teradata-to-Hadoop connector. Key Importance of Teradata Query Grid is to Put Data in the Data […]
14 Aug by Vijay Tumunuri

Primary index concept in Teradata

  Every table must have at least one column as the Primary Index. The Primary Index is defined when the table is created.There are two reasons you might pick a different Primary Index then your Primary Key. They are (1) for Performance reasons and (2) known access paths. Primary Index Rules: Rule 1: One Primary Index per table. […]
13 Aug by Deepak Mahato

Teradata – Secure Zones

Secure Zones This feature supports grouping of users, databases, and database objects into Secure Zones. Business Value This feature provides the following business value: Improves total cost of ownership for systems where data from multiple applications must be completely segregated. Addresses cloud/multi-tenancy security requirements for privileged user access and data segregation. Addresses regulatory compliance requirements […]
9 Aug by Atul Singh

Teradata – Architecture

  Teradata architecture is based on Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture. The major components of Teradata are Parsing Engine, BYNET and Access Module Processors (AMPs). The following diagram shows the high level architecture of a Teradata Node. Components of Teradata The key components of Teradata are as follows − Node − It is the basic unit […]