13 Oct by Tina Bhagwati

DB2-Database Monitoring-2

  Hello Everyone , I am back with next part of Database monitoring . You should read the first article of this series. “DB2-Database Monitoring-1” I have been preparing db2 materials for learners or freshers.Therefore, this materials contains very basic language to make understand everyone. Currently, many are performance monitoring tool has been introduced  from […]
12 Oct by Syed Naveed Raza

Script To Gather Statistics On Table and Indexes On DB2

  RUNSTATS utility perform statistics in DB2. Should be perform Weekly or Monthly basis. Following Script helps to gather statistics on all tables excluding XML columns and there associated indexes . Output will be emailed. First, it will generate the RUNSTATS command-line output into [/dbawork/runstats.out], then same output file will be executed with command-line db2 -tvf  […]
8 Oct by Syed Naveed Raza

How to extract DB2 audit logs into files

  First, delete previous delimiter files which were offloaded from the archive log. This can be regenerated. [crayon-5c3e69be61945726836658/]   Below command will archive Instance level activities. [crayon-5c3e69be6194a456018531/]   Below command will archive database level activities. [crayon-5c3e69be6194c292730848/]   Note: Do not delete the file created by command-line “db2audit archive” [crayon-5c3e69be6194e612068620/]
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How To Setup Auditing in DB2

  It is also a good idea to use a buffer to hold audit records. The audit_buf_sz controls its size: [crayon-5c3e69be61b2f608368663/]   The audit facility acts at both the instance and database levels, independently recording all activities in separate logs based on either the instance or the database. [crayon-5c3e69be61b35096569021/]  
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DB2 Remote to Client connectivity via port

  Setting communication protocols for a DB2 instance is part of the main task of configuring TCP/IP or SSL communications for a DB2 instance. Set Communication protocol: Run with db2inst1 user [crayon-5c3e69be61cf9915282361/]   This parameter contains the name of the TCP⁄IP port which a database server will use to await communications from remote client nodes. […]
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DB2 license activation

How to activate DB2 License, If you purchased a DB2 V10.5, V10.1, V9.8, V9.7, V9.5, V9.1 product then you can obtain license key from Passport Advantage. Starting with DB2 Version 9.1, the license file for DB2 products is shipped separately in a file called the Activation key. Connect with Instance owner (db2inst1) and unzip DB2_ESE_PVU_QS_Activ_10.5.0.5.zip […]
4 Oct by Ian Sampson

The SYSIBM.SYSSTATFEEDBACK table introduced in Db2 for z/OS V11

  IBM introduced a new Db2 table with Db2 for z/OS V11 called SYSIBM.SYSSTATFEEDBACK.  The table verifies if statistics were collected and if the correct statistics were collected. Instead of rehashing the information already covered in the IBM online magazine concerning the new Db2 table SYSIBM.SYSSTATFEEDBACK written by Willie Favero, which you can find here, […]