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5 Nov by dbtut

How to Fix “Cannot open backup device” Error?

When you want to back up your database, you may see “Cannot open backup device” error as you see in the picture below. To resolve this error, you need to go to the path you want to backup and right click on the folder and click properties. You must add the sql server service account […]
26 Oct by dbtut

How To Add MS DTC To The Cluster

In this article I will tell you how to add the MS DTC service to the windows cluster. First, we open Disk Management. You can open by typing diskmgmt.msc on the windows search.   Then we give a letter to the disk that we will use for msdtc that can be seen on each server […]
13 Oct by dbtut

How To Define a Share and Map This Share To Windows

In this article We create a share on a server and then we map this share on a server. I selected MSSQL as Category. Because generally I am using shares for SQL Server. Maybe you will use for another reason. And after the map process will completed we can access this share as a disk […]
9 Oct by dbtut

SQL Server Password Policy

When creating a SQL Login, you can select the Enforce Password Policy option as described in my article “How To Create a Login On SQL Server(Manage Logins)“. When you select this option, sql login uses the password policy defined on windows or domain. This article describes the password policy and how to set it.   […]
8 Oct by dbtut

Security Policy for SQL Server(secpol.msc)

After SQL Server Setup has been performed, it is necessary to make some settings in Security Policy in Windows for the performance of SQL Server. We have explained these settings in our different articles. In this article, we will make configurations related to Security Policy.   We write secpol.msc and press enter on Search.   […]
27 Sep by dbtut

What is Mounted Drive and How to Create It

We use letters like C, D, E when defining disks on “Windows Server”.   If the number of our disks increases, we may not be able to find letters after a while.   Especially with servers with large SQL Server system, we experience this problem.   For example, you might have increased the number of […]
23 Sep by dbtut

SQL Server Configuration Manager Settings

SQL Server Configuration Manager is a tool in which many settings of SQL Server are made. In this article, I’ll refer to many of the settings that can be done through SQL Server Configuration Manager.   For example; What is the SQL Server Browser Service? What is Named Pipe? How to change the user or […]
17 Sep by dbtut

SQL Server Service Account’s Permissions on Windows

Most DBA usually define the SQL Server Service Account as the Administrator on the server.   Actually, this authority is not necessary. You must not give any user more authority than required for information security.   The minimum privileges that a SQL Server Service Account can run are as follows;   Log on as a […]
1 Sep by dbtut

How To Detach and Attach a Database Containing FileStream Data

You may want to move a database containing “File Stream” data to another disk with the detach attach method.   Moving a database containing “File Stream” data with the detach attach method is slightly different from the normal detach attach method.   In the article titled “How To Change The Disk Files On Database Files“, […]
31 Aug by dbtut

Running SQL Server With High Performance(High Performance)

It is a setting made on windows so that SQL Server can work with higher performance.   This setting can be made on Windows Server 2008 and above. It is one of the first operations to be done after every installation.   I would recommend reading the article titled “How To Configure SQL Server After […]