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20 Aug by Jithin P G

5 Reasons why Couchbase will be your perfect NoSQL solution

  It is the era of Data. Nobody would dare to disagree. People may have different opinion about the storage solutions and architecture, but no matter what, they will agree it is indeed the era of Data. The traditional way of storing data made use of properly designed and structured tables and columns (There comes […]
20 Aug by Bhushan Lipare

Change Data directory and index_path to specific directory path if cluster is built using rolling method

  Total Time to perform Activity is:  2hr The following are the high level Steps from DB side: Step 1: Disable Auto-Failover Remove node which doesn’t contain Index . Rebalance Stop service remove old data files start service Execute below command /opt/couchbase/bin/couchbase-cli node-init -c localhost:8091 --node-init-data-path=/couchbase/data -u Administrator -p ******* curl -X POST -u Administrator:****** […]