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How To Install Couchbase Server on Ubuntu 16.04

We will install  couchbase Server on ubuntu 16.04 in this article. Please visit the link below for minimum system requirements.

Link :

WARNING: Make sure to install Java before installing the Couchbase.

Install Couchbase Server

Now we can now install Couchbase Server. In our example, we will install the Enterprise version.
You can also install the Community Edition version in the same way. (Please contact whenever you have trouble installing Community Edition.)

Download Packages

First, we download and install the .deb meta package.

Then we run the update command.

Install Couchbase Server

Now we are installing the latest version of Couchbase Server.

If we want to install a certain version of Couchbase Server, we can list the available versions with the command below.

Then we install the specific package we want as follows.

NOTE: In the <version-string> section, we write what version we want to install. As I explained above, you can decide which version you want to install by listing the versions.

Sample Command:

Check Couchbase Service Status

Let’s check the status of the service.

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