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15 Jan by dbtut

How To List RMAN Jobs

  It is often time consuming job to gather detailed information about the backups of Oracle databases with RMAN. You need to collect information from many different environments. However, it is easier to access RMAN backup information with queries. You can reach detailed information about the backups taken in the last x days with the […]
14 Jan by dbtut

How To Calculate Actual Size of All Tables in a Schema in Oracle

  When calculating the size of a table in an Oracle database, it is incorrect to just look at the data size. It is necessary to calculate the size of the index, lobsegment and lobindex objects of the table. Because when we move the table to another database, all objects belonging to the table will […]
13 Jan by dbtut

How To Find Database Query From the Linux PID

  In Oracle databases running on Linux, you can access the relevant session information from each user processes. In most cases, it is necessary to detect queries that use excessive resources in the operating system. For this determination, the process id of the corresponding process on linux can be matched with the session’s spid information […]
12 Jan by dbtut

Exadata cellnode RS-7445 [Serv CELLSRV hang detected] [It will be restarted]

  On Exadata cellnodes, the RS-7445 error can be received due to the inability to send heartbeat under overload. This error appears in versions and of the Oracle Exadata Storage Server software. As a result of the error, the CELLSRV service is restarted by RS. When Cellnode alert.log is examined, errors will be […]
9 Jan by dbtut Tags: , ,

Data Pump, expdp ORA-39127, ORA-01031, ORA-06512 Errors

When you are backing up with Data Pump (expdp), it may indicate that the privileges are insufficient and may end with errors such as ORA-39127, ORA-01031, ORA-06512. Possible errors may be as follows. ORA-39127: unexpected error from call to export_string :=WMSYS.LT_EXPORT_PKG.schema_info_exp(‘ORCL1′,0,1,’’,newblock) ORA-01031: insufficient privileges ORA-06512: at “SYS.DBMS_SESSION”, line 97 ORA-06512: at “WMSYS.LT_CTX_PKG”, line 2116 ORA-06512: […]
7 Jan by dbtut

ADR Command Interpreter(ADRCI)

ADR Command Interpreter (ADRCI) is a command-line tool in the fault detection infrastructure of Oracle databases. With ADRCI; We can see the diagnostic data in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR). We can view Health Monitoring reports. For Oracle Support, we can create packages containing accident and problem information in the form of a zip file. […]
6 Jan by dbtut

Oracle Flashback Query

  Oracle Flashback Query allows us to query as much as possible of the past committed data. We can query the data in the past over the time stamp or system change number (SCN). For Flashback Query use, the flashback feature of the database does not need to be turned on. Oracle flashback query usage […]
5 Jan by dbtut Tags:

ORA-00600 qcisSetPlsqlCtx

  Depending on the timezone differences ORA-00600 error can be occured when opening the database. The argument for this error is [qcisSetPlsqlCtx: tzi init], which causes the database not to open. The error is due to timezone differences. If the patch has been applied to the restored backup, but this patch is not available for […]