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17 Sep by Rey Wang

MySQL/MemSQL/SAP sqlanywhere/SAP IQ – 3 migration issues, isnull & any subquery

  Numeric data type SAP IQ – supports up to (126, 38) MySQL/memSQL – support up to 65 digits; ISNULL vs IFNULL SAP IQ – supports isnull memSQL – supports ifnull Not Any subquery SAP allows ANY subquery syntax [crayon-5c3e64f886991719523937/]   memSQL/mysql syntax error with ANY keyword; revised as: [crayon-5c3e64f886999314068185/]
6 Sep by Engr. Mohammad Rizwan Yasin

Sybase ASE Migration from Physical to Virtual Machine

  Pre-Migration : Questionnaire That need to ask from the client before planning to migrate SAP Sybase ASE database servers from physical machines to virtual. This following questionnaire is necessary for mission critical systems in-order to safeguard post migration issues related to performance glitches and service interruptions. Complete version of SAP Sybase ASE & Operating System with […]
31 Aug by Rey Wang Tags:

EMC flash drive as Temp database device

  Here is an unusual data warehouse (columnar, not row based) server; I have several very large fact tables, some of them are over 800GB size. Total DB size is way over 25TB, and we run very bizarre over 20 table joins, outer join/self join. Mainly for financial risk reporting; the reporting tools are SAP […]
23 Aug by Bhaskara Vasamsetti

Adding Space to Sybase IQ server

  Adding Space to Sybase IQ server Little background about IQ space. In IQ 15.0 Dbspace != dbfile Under one dbspace we can have many dbfiles dbspace is more like segment in ASE . if IQ_USER_MAIN is out of space we can see these messages in iqmsg log file . [crayon-5c3e64f8877b2000302451/]   Query to check the  […]
22 Aug by Bhaskara Vasamsetti

Sybase IQ Architecture

  Single Node Architecture: when we talk about Sybase IQ architecture , We should explain about the Three important IQ stores and three main files. which plays a vital role in Sybase IQ server. 1) Catalog Store –> Stores Metadata in system tables that is needed to run the database. –> Catalog Store is always recommended to […]
21 Aug by Gagan Sharma

Sybase Server HealthCheck Commands With Explanation

It will display current running processes: [crayon-5c3e64f887a73557860509/]   It will display processes which is running by “dbmaint” user id: [crayon-5c3e64f887a78801337958/]   It will display databases names available on Server: [crayon-5c3e64f887a7c506877585/]   It will display the cpu details: [crayon-5c3e64f887a7e001210175/]   It will display the max memory available. We need to check usually when we are going to […]
14 Aug by Vaibhav Krishna

Sybase Questions

  1)How to Calculate Memory Usage and Disk Space Usage? There are 2 stored procs which help you to calculate the memory size and database device usages. try with sp_configure ‘memory” for memory utilization and memory available sp_helpdevice – for device space utilization and free space. 2) log space requirements for reorg rebuild We have […]
13 Aug by Marc Daccache

Tracking configuration changes in SAP ASE 16

Introduction A principal component of a protected system is accountability. One way to ensure accountability is to examine events on the system. Many events that occur in SAP ASE can be recorded, such as – but not limited to – DMLs and DDLs. Auditing is an important part of security in any RDBMS. By probing […]
8 Aug by Sibasish Satyapriya Tags:

IN SYBASE Tempdb Full

  1.Check error log to find the tempdb full. 2.Find out the space free in tempdb using [crayon-5c3e64f8884a1745319314/] 3.dum tran with truncate only if still full than.. 4.dump tran with no_log still full than.. 5.Find process from syslogshold/sysprocesses. inform user about condition ask for killing if he says yes then 6 kill the process If […]