Wednesday , April 24 2024

Sybase Server HealthCheck Commands With Explanation

It will display current running processes:


It will display processes which is running by “dbmaint” user id:


It will display databases names available on Server:


It will display the cpu details:


It will display the max memory available. We need to check usually when we are going to do any parameter changes .


It will display multiple parameters. Number of locks,number of open objects,number of open partitions,number of worker processes,number of user connection and procedure cache size and many more.


To check Blocking On Server (if any):


To check running spid and blocking spid corresponds to that (if any):


To check Log Suspend:


To check details of particular spid:


Host level Commands:

To check Dataservers avaialble or running on Host:


To check Backupserver status avaialble or running on Host:


To check server Start time:


To check Server name:


To check Server ASE version:


To check Date on Server Level:


To check errorlog path from server level:


To check Backupserver Status:


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