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21 Sep by Daniel Cruz Tags: , , , , , , ,

How to improve database performance on MongoDB part3

  You should read below articles before reading this article. “How to improve database performance on MongoDB part 1“, “How to improve database performance on MongoDB part 2”   Ensure you have the right configuration The default configurations are not optimal for MongoDB. Must be applied some changes. NUMA: Many modern multiprocessors have non-uniform memory […]
4 Sep by Selcen Sahin Tags: ,

MongoDB Resync stale replica member

  In a replica set if one of the members is in RECOVERING state and in the log file of that member if you see: [crayon-5c3e737c216a5961509128/]   This means that the oplog size wasn’t enough to handle the time that the replica server was unreachable. A network problem, lack of disk space or a closed host may […]
20 Aug by Bhushan Lipare

Change Data directory and index_path to specific directory path if cluster is built using rolling method

  Total Time to perform Activity is:  2hr The following are the high level Steps from DB side: Step 1: Disable Auto-Failover Remove node which doesn’t contain Index . Rebalance Stop service remove old data files start service Execute below command /opt/couchbase/bin/couchbase-cli node-init -c localhost:8091 --node-init-data-path=/couchbase/data -u Administrator -p ******* curl -X POST -u Administrator:****** […]
18 Aug by Rabikumar Singh Tags: , , ,

Point in time recovery on Mongodb Standalone server.

  1:- Enable oplog using –master option while starting mongod service [Version 3.2]. And later version (3.2 +) need to put replSetName=rs0 into the mongo.conf file in replication section. Note :- Version 3.2+ after enabling oplog by putting replica set name into the conf file, Need to take login in mongo and run command rs.intiate() and fire […]
14 Aug by Daniel Cruz Tags: , , , ,

Slow queries on MongoDB

  During a typical revision of mongod’s logs, we could find slow queries, by default, those queries that take more >100ms. You can change this time with –slowms <integer> parameter when you launch a mongod process or using a configuration file. This is an expample of log message: 2018-07-02T12:26:24.580-0500 I COMMAND [conn11186210] command test.CARcommand: getMore { getMore: 164459457945, collection: […]
10 Aug by Bhushan Lipare

Creating New Replica Set Configuration

Replica set configuration on ‘n’ node Replica: We generally have 3 nodes replica set with 1 Primary and 2 secondaries. Below are the steps we will need to perform to configure replica set in our environment. 1. We will receive server with required configuration with CloudOps. They will be using standard configurations in  for replica set Standard MongoDB installation […]