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Nurullah ÇAKIR (Founder and Author at dbtut.com)

I am the founder of dbtut.com and have been working as a database administrator since ten years. And I also developed many Business Intelligence projects using Elasticsearch, Kibana and Grafana.

My Experiences are below;

SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana, Big Data.

Faruk Erdem

I am a SQL Server and PostgreSQL DBA.

I have 5 years of expertise in Database Administration.

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I’m Mikael HOUNDEGNON, I have been MySQL DBA / PHP Programmer for the last 9 years but since 2017 i’m strictly MySQL DBA with OCP in MySQL 5.7
For the past 3 years, i have worked in positions that have challenged my skills in database administration, optimization, security.
I take pride in my ability to transform client ideas into polished products, or innovate solutions to their most technical problems.
My Specialties :
MySQL Replication (Master Slave, MultiMaster, Fail over, etc)
MySQL InnoDB Cluster (Synchronous Group replication)
MySQL Backups
MySQL Query Optimization
MySQL Performance Tuning
MySQL Stored Procedures
Storage Engine Tuning
My Favorites places :


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Jerwin Roy

Hey guys,I am young and Aspiring DBA.

Here is a brief about myself:

*Database expert with 5 year plus experience

*Database Online Trainer

*DB Performance Tuning expert

*Highly Skilled in Issue based Database Troubleshooting

*Planning DB Security and effective DB Backups

*Have handled databases ranging from 8 GB to 4 TB

*Carried out various DB and schema migrations.

*Expertise in MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Cassandra

*Love to explore Opensource databases

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Vaibhav Krishna

I am a SQL Server DBA with an experience of 10+ years and hands on experience on SQL Version 2005/2008/2012/2014/2016 and now 2017.
I have worked throughout on SQL Server in different domains viz. Retail, Healthcare, FMCG , Aviation, e-Commerce and Hospitality.
Asides, from SQL Server i have knowledge on Sybase ASE Administration(4+ years) versions 12 and 15 , Postgres SQL(3+ years) versions 8 and 9 , MySQL(1+ year) and DB2
I have also basic experience on T-SQL Development and Design which includes SSIS and SSRS too.
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Selcen Sahin

-Oracle Database Administration, SQL-PL/SQL
-5 years UNIX, Linux experience
-UNIX Shell Scripting
– 7*24 administration of 40 databases from 150 GB to 35 TB of Ministry of Health some of
standalone, single instance or 2 to 6-instance RAC database on Exadata.
– Installation and configuration of Oracle Clusterware (Grid)
-Cloud Control 12c

– MongoDB administration
– MongoDB sharding, replication
– MongoDB shared cluster configuration
– MongoDB performance tuning

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Shuo Wang

I have been managing MySQL database for 2 years.

I am good at MySQL database management, troubleshooting and data migration.

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Engr. Mohammad Rizwan Yasin

I have an experience of 9+ years in managing MSSQL Server databases. (2000/2005/2008/2012/2014/2016/2017)

I have an experience of 5+ years in MySQL (Commercial & Enterprise Editions) for both Linux and Windows platforms

I have an experience of 5+ years in Sybase ASE and have worked on SUN Sparc, Intel and IBM servers on Sun Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms

I am good in high availability solutions (Database Mirroring, Replication, Transaction Log Shipping, Clustering , Availability Groups, point in time recovery and backups) on all of the above database platforms.

I have also basic experience in writing shell scripting to automate daily repetitive tasks.

I have also worked on several operating systems Sun Solaris 9/10, Linux CentOS 5x,6x and Windows Servers 2003/2008/2012.

I have also basic experience to manage SAN Storage to manage databases.

I have also worked on several Reporting Tools (Crystal Reports, Business Objects, SSRS etc)

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I have been Oracle DBA for 6 years. Currently I have been working as Oracle database, weblogic, linux consultant.
I am an expert on installing managing RAC and Single databases and weblogic.
I am experienced on AIX, Solaris, and HP UX.
Also I am experienced on ODA installation and upgrade.
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Syed Naveed Raza

I have 8+ years of expertise to manage Oracle / MSSQLSERVER / DB2 LUW Database and have worked for different Banks.

I have 3+ years of experience as Temenos T24 Administration & 2 year experience on Anti-Money Laundering system (Temenos Financial Crime Mitigation).

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Anil Joshi

I have been an enthusiastic database  administrator since last 6 years, working completely on Mysql and it’s forks like Mariadb & Percona.
I am having expertise in replication configuration and troubleshooting.Besides that i have also worked on percona xtradb cluster.
I have got good experience in query optimization,performance tuning and partitioning .
Recently I have started working on postgres database also.
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Daniel Cruz

Database engineer with extensive experience coding, testing and supporting (operation) database solutions in MongoDB., Sybase ASE, Sybase IQ,DB2 Linux-Unix-Windows, Sql server, HANA, Oracle. I have 17 years’ experience in IT.

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Pankaj Chahar

I have 4 years of expertise in Information Technology as Teradata DBA / Netezza DBA and have worked for Multinational IT companies. I am also having 2+ Years experience as Redshift DBA.
I also carry experience in working in United state of America ,directly with client and holds Business visa.
I carry Good knowledge about Data warehousing /Teradata/ Netezza / AWS Redshift  architecture and concepts so I have Experience in working on performance tuning and optimization of various databases.
I have also Experience in setup and administrating Netezza/ Amazon AWS Redshift/ PostgreSQL database.
I can be contacted for any paid trainings for Teradata ,netezza or aws redshift online or off-line or if for paid client deportations for hire inside or outside india.

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Rabikumar Singh

I have been managing MySQL from last 4 years. I have worked on AWS RDS instance.
I am an expert in MySQL replication, backup and recovery.
I have better idea of performance and query tuning.
And I have been managing PostgreSQL and mongoDB as well from last 2 years.
I am an expert on MongoDB Replication and postgreSQL replication.
You can find my articles here. (Article Count is 4)

Bhushan Lipare

7.8 years of expertise in Database Administration of MySQL 5.0/5.1/5.6/5.7, AWS RDS, MongoDB 3.0/3.2/3.4, Couchbase DBA and Solution Architect.

Strong knowledge of MYSQL, PostgreSQL. NOSQL Database like MongoDB, CouchbaseDB.

Experience in Data warehousing model, Data designing and modeling.

You can find my articles here. (Article Count is 3)

Rajeev Shastri

An experienced IT professional with database administration skills across MS SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 DB,MYSQL , AWS ,AZURE ,NOSQL DB,DEVOPS,Automation

MSSQL Server experience around 13 years from SQL SERVER 2008 TO SQL server 2016, Active-Passive clusters Setup,Always On Active-Active cluster for Sql Server 2012 and 2016 DB,Log Shipping and SQL Mirroring.SQL Server 2017 on Redhat linux ,SQL server on docker containers including SQL server on Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Oracle Database experience Around 8 years from Oracle 10G to Oracle 12c including oracle db on AWS and Oracle Cloud.

DB2 and MYSQL around 1 year experience for Setting up db210 and mysql 5.7 installation and HADR setup.

NOSQL DB experience Around 2 years on Mongodb and Datastax Cassandra DB with two node Mongodb Cluster setup and Three node Datastax Cassandra setup

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 3)

Luis Silva

I’m Luis Silva an Old-School DBA having fun with new technologies (Agile, Cloud, Containers/VMs, etc)…
I love to work on HA Environments using Oracle RAC, DataGuard and now MongoDB Clusters… I’m mainly Oracle DBA but I’ve worked with MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.
I enjoy to walk, listen all kind of music and try all kind of food.
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Isaac Nyame Oppong

An Expert Oracle and SQL Server database administrator in the financial and banking domain with vast experience in the entire gamut of database administration –design, architecture, deployment, maintenance, data migration, backup and recovery, with a passion for Disaster Recovery Solutions.

A Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer that provides Highly Available Solutions using Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle Data Guard, SQL Server Mirroring, Always On Availability Groups and Replication.
I have administered databases on Oracle Exadata Machines and Oracle Database Appliances Engineered Systems.
I have also serve as Technical Team Lead Core Banking Applications (Temenos T24) where i was directly involve in Database Provissioning, Installation and Configuration of the Core Banking Application on Clustered Oracle Weblogic Servers and Red Hat JBOSS.
You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 2)

Avinav Chadha

I am working as an Oracle DBA for one of the healthcare projects managed by HCL.

The main reponsibilities of my role are as follows :

Managing database users and their privileges Capacity Management, Space and Resources Management Applying quarterly CPU an PSU patches released by Oracle to resolve bugs.

Upgrade of existing database environments to higher version

if required Performance Management Installation of RAC instances and managing clusterware resources

Managing physical standby sites for disaster and recovery.

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Mahendra Singh Bisht

I have an experience of 4+ years in managing MySQL database.

I have worked on MySQL server on both Linux and Windows platform.

I have an experience of 2+ years in Teradata.

I am good in MySQL replication, point in time recovery and backups.

I have also basic experience in writing shell scripting for daily repetitive tasks.

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Tina (Bhagwati) ..

I am an expert on db2 installation, migration, upgrade and management.

Mostly I will be working on Automation with HADR. (db2 installation, upgrade, migration etc) for more than 500 servers.

This script runs through GSDP or ANDI Tool. Script language : VBS, Powershell

I am good at troubleshooting db2 issues.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 2)

Vineet Badre

I am from Pune,India. I have been working as an Oracle DBA since a year.

Handson DataGuard, Architecture, Recovery, Oracle EBS. Knowledge of using Hadoop Analysis Tools including PIG, HIVE, FLUME, SQOOP .

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 2)

Fatima Hussain

Database analysis (includes all of the needed logical and physical design choices and physical storage parameters needed to generate a design in a Data Definition Language)

Designing the ERD module wise.

Designing, testing, installing and monitoring new solution

Maintain Server, Backup Server and Replica

Writing Procedures, Functions and Database Triggers.

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Amit Vashishth

I am and senior oracle database Admin for past 5 years managing everything related to oracle database and products .

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 2)

Samit Baghla

I Have 11 + years of experience with Telecom and product development companies with exposure with multiple fields like Databases/Support/Service Delivery/Product Development/Customer Interaction.

Working with Cassandra from last 4 years and have 8 years of experience with Oracle.

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Saumya Maurya

6+ years of experience working on Teradata including experience in BIG DATA Hadoop Administration and knowledge of multiple scripting.

Good understanding of Teradata database architecture, Data warehousing and RDBMS concepts, worked as part of Teradata Database Product Support team troubleshooting issues and have wide range of experience in Database administration.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 2)

Thiago Escodino

Career developed in the Database Administration area,

focused on IBM DB2,

performing structure and data administration activities,

installing and updating the DBMS, performance analysis,

suggestion and application of improvements,

automation and scheduling of routines in Linux environments ,

performing backup and restore, aiming at the mitigation of resource consumption and high availability of data.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 2)

Priyanka Bisht 

Breif introduction: 3 years of rich and extrnsive in managing oracle database for large scale organization. Possess complete understanding & skills in oracle installation, OEM tool, data guard, RMAN backup , restoration, datapump utility.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Amzad Ali

I have been managing PostgreSQL and Cassandra clusters.
Expertise in installation, configuration, replication setups, data recovery, database development- creating tables, functions, triggers, index, etc.
Worked on reporting tools such as Jasper reports server from jaspersoft.
Done migration from MSSql to PostgreSQL.
Good hands on in Linux os, shell scripting.
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Sharib Hussain

Teradata 14 Certified Master and Teradata 16.10 Certified Advanced DBA.
Expert in performance tuning and workload management.
I have 8+ years of experience on across the Teradata ecosystem and multiple functions including database management, capacity planning, workload management, performance tuning, system patching and upgrades.
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Süleyman Kaş

I have been managing MS SQL database for 3 years.

And I have been managing HANA DB for the last 1 years.

I’m Microsoft Certified Professional.

My competencies;
– Database Administrator,
– Database Management,
– Database Technologies,
– System Management,
– Data Analysis and Reporting

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Canan Özdemir

Experience in Oracle Core and Apps Database Administrator over than 5 years with Aktek company.

Proficiency in Oracle Database (10g,11g & 12c) and Ebs (11i and 12.2) Administration (Architecture & Configuation, Upgradation, Patching, Migrations, Exadata,Data Guard, Performance Trobuleshooting, Backup & Recovery, İnstallation)

Techical Certificates are;

-Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate

– Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional Sales Certificates are;

– Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2017 Presales Specialist

– Oracle Exadata Database Machine 2017 Sales Specialist

– Sun x86 Systems PreSales Specialist

– Sun x86 Systems Sales Specialist

– Oracle Big Data 2017 Sales Specialist

– Oracle Big Data 2017 PreSales Specialist

– Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2014 Sales Specialist

– Oracle ZFS Storage 2016 Sales Specialist

– Oracle SuperCluster 2016 PreSales Specialist

– General Product Support Specialist

– Oracle SuperCluster 2016 Sales Specialist

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Mohammed Nazimuddin

I am an Oracle CORE/APPS and Exadata DBA over 10 years of experience in IT field.

I have expertise in RAC/data guard configurations, ESB installation, cloning, patching, upgrades, migrations, performance tuning and so on.

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Abdul Ghaffar

Database administrator (DBA) with extensive experience designing, coding, testing and supporting next-generation database solutions in SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL environments.

Proficient in an assortment of technologies, including Oracle 8i/9i/10g,  MySQL 5.6, 5.7, MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014, Windows and Linux server administration (complete list on request).

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Ian Sampson

I have been working on Db2 for z/OS since 1998.

Currently I am responsible for all installations and software maintenance as well as all DBA functions.

I use REXX as a programming language to help maintain our environments.

You can read my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Bhavani Dhulipalla

I’m Bhavani Dhulipalla, I

am an Oracle DBA and i have worked in positions that have challenged my skills in database administration, Database tuning,Application tuning Clustering and Replication technologies at the Senior level.

I have also worked Database migration’s across Data centers and optimized different type of work loads with Maximum performance.

Now I am very excited about the Big Data technology and Cloud technlogies and I am in the training phase for these technlogies


Database administration, RAC, ASM, Dataguard, Golden gate, Database tuning, Application tuning, Exadata, SQL and PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, Big data and cloud(Beginer)

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Erik Cohen

Mr. Cohen has more than 35 years of management information system (MIS) experience.

He has functioned as database administrator, webserver administrator, information engineer, systems analyst, programmer, technical instructor, and technical consultant.

He has worked with large-scale database, publishing, banking, financial services, hotel management, petroleum, environmental and DOD applications.

His areas of expertise include database administration, information engineering, data analysis and modeling, structured programming, database management systems, technical customer support, and technical training.

He has also been a featured speaker at local and national technical organizations.

You can find my articles from here.(Article Count is 1)

Vinay kumar bommana

I’m managing db2 luw databases on all the three platforms(Linux, windows & UNIX) since 4+ years. I’m expertise on HADR and Q- Replication. Maintaining blog and YouTube channel on db2 luw (vinaydb2blog & dbtutorial channel). Have worked on both db2 development and adminstration.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Rey Wang

I have been managed SAP/IQ columnar/data warehouse database for 7 years.

SAP IQ – Sybase IQ is out performed 50-100 times over traditional row-based Oracle DB for complex 10+ table joined SQL.

I am an expert on Sybase ASE/IQ DB cluster setup and T-SQL/ANSIi SQL tuning..

And I have been worked at Sybase whole slew of products for over 20 years; Sybase open server, open client, Sybase ASE, enterprise connect data access (ECDA), IQ.

Extensive experiences at AIX LPAR, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu OS.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Arcel Perdomo

I have been managing Oracle database for 9 years. I have worked on designing and implementing High Availability, Security and Migration solutions.

I have experience in Oracle Data Guard, RAC, ASM, Streams, Database Vault, Audit Vault, TDE, Performance Tuning, PLSQL and SQL.

I have worked with Data Center ‘s technologies and solutions related with SAN conectivity and storage elements, backup and servers.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)


11 years experience as Oracle Database Administrator & MySQL Database Administrator. Experience in Percona XtraDB Cluster, Galera Cluster & Perconca ProxySQL (Installation, Configuration, Tuning, Backup and Recovery and Maintanance).

Long experience in freeradius (Installation, Configuration and Tuning). Long experience in creating applications like ERP, Member Area, Ticketing System, Billing System. Experience in reporting systems like (Jasper Reports, iReports, Open Reports).

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Rahul Shekhawat

Experienced MySQL Database Administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

Skilled in MYSQL, RDS, AWS, Database tuning, Replication, Backup Management, Database Monitoring, Database Upgrade, MySQL Tuning Query Optimization, and Linux.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Prabhu Sundarraj

An Enthusiastic Data Engineer with more than 2+ years of experience.

Having very good exposure to deal with MULTI-BILLION events per day and all the follow up challenges as a result.

Building scalable big-data pipelines / applications / data warehouse with Hadoop, Spark, Scala. Have been working with Big Data stack for past 2 plus years.

An active follower of data industry to understand the landscapes very well.

Expert in hadoop multi node cluster configuration.

I have been managing Mysql database for more than 1 years.

I have been worked on INFORMATICA tools for more than 1 years.

expert in hadoop single node and multi node cluster configuration on ubuntu and centos.

expert on linux installations.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Sarthak Tomar

Mysql DBA/Developer with 1.5 year hands-on experience.

Mysql Installation, MySQL Replication setup and Administration on Master-Slave and Master-Master.

Galera Cluster for High-Availability solution.

MySQL Backup utilities for Hot & Cold Backup like Percona Xtrabackup,Automysqlbackup & Mysql Point-In-Time recovery.

Shell scripting and Unix/Linux shell commands.

Knowledge of Haproxy for Load Balancing of TCP/HTTP Services.

You can find my articles from here. (Artile Count is 1)

Sohel Teli

Hands on experience with Enterprise Hadoop Deployed production cluster on Aws cloud environment work experience in maintaining Hadoop Cluster on Cloudera Distribution with different ecosystem like Sqoop Yarn flume Hive kafka etc.

Configured Kerberos for security and authentication in Hadoop cluster.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count  is 1)

Sameer Sharma

I have 8.5 years of experience in Oracle database administration and worked extensively on Dataguard.

I am an expert on migration of Oracle databases to RDS(AWS) and also have good knowledge of on-prem to AWS migrations and Oracle cloud For the last 4 years i have been working on AWS system operations and solutions and leading an operations team working on AWS environment.

I am Oracle,AWS and ITIL certified.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Rajni Baliyan

I am currently heading Support team in Fujitsu, who is supporting OSS PostgreSQL and Fujitsu’s Enterprise Postgres.

I love to meet people out, so pre-sales and consultations are also important part of my job.

I started my career as Oracle DBA 8 years back and on the way of solving Database problems, I got the curiosity to learn other RDBMS like PostgreSQL and SQL server.

PostgreSQL attracted me most as being Oracle DBA it was not difficult to pick it up.

It encouraged me to clear PostgreSQL Professional certificate together with Oracle and SQL Server professional certificates.

I relax by cooking my daughter’s favorite food and enjoy it with her.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Nikhil Shetty

I am working  working as a database consultant for postgres at Ashnik having more than three years of experience working as a database administrator at TCS and as a senior analyst at Allianz Technology on different technologies such as Postgres, Oracle and SAP HANA.

I have experience in handling large databases and his roles include database setup, high availability, migration, backup and recovery and upgrade.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Abhinav Khandelwal

Abhinav Khandelwal has 11 years of industry experience in BI, analytics, and data warehousing.

He gained a BE from GIT Sitapura, Jaipur. He has completed is PG in IT projects from Welingkar, Mumbai and is currently based in Melbourne.

He acts as a senior consultant on BI DWH projects.

He has also been in the news for his award-winning projects.

For more information, you can refer to his wordpress blogs as anonymously rave and three of kind. Contact him on Twitter at @abhi_khandu

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Jagannath MK

I have been managing MySQL databases from last 3 years. I am expertise in mysql installation,upgradation,replication setup, query optimization, backup setup and monitoring. I have written shell scripts for monitoring mysql databases and backup. I have used percona toolkit, percona monitoring and management(PMM) tool, galera replication and Xtrabackup.

You can find my articles here. (Article Count is 1)

Nikhil Palle

I am having 6+ year of experience on PostgreSQL database. Expert in DB installing and managing infrastructure.

You can find my articles here. (Article Count is 1)

Gagan Sharma

I am Sybase DBA and I am managing Sybase Servers and Databases since 2016 till today . I am an expert in Server upgrade . And having knowledge of handling Server Migration and Capacity Planning to meet Future Requirements . I used to be main Lead During PROD Server Maintenance tasks and Configiration changes .

I am an expert in Writing Autosys Jobs and its Scheduling,Maintaining and Troubleshooting for databases . I used to participate in Disaster Recovery Plan Activities and performed Multiple times as DR Coordinator .

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Jithin P G

I have been administrating Couchbase and Oracle databases for past 2 years, main focus being couchbase. Good with shell scripting and python for database automation.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Tushar Takate

I am working as a PostgreSQL DBA since 2014  .I have expertise in PostgreSQL and shell scripting and Performance tuning .
I am managing OLTP and OLAP environment for various domain
I have basic understaning of AWS redshift and AWS services .
You can find my articles here. (Article Count is 1)

Bharat Sahu

I am having 5+ years of experience in managing large scale Mysql/NoSQL database on AWS platform

Experience in Master-Slave, Master-Master replication, Cluster Setup in MySQL, MONGO.

Experience in setting up high availability(HA) solution for Database and load balancing using ProxySql.

Experience in Point in time recovery and backup strategies in MYSQL and MONGO

Experience in setting up alerting, monitoring solution like PMM(Percona monitoring management), Zabbix.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Vasim Shaikh

I have 3+ years of years of experince in Hadoop administration
More then 3 years of experince in managing Hadoop clusters
Experince in deploying cluster from AWS cloud
Experince in Hadoop security

You can find my articles here. (Article Count is 1)

Shaikh Mohammed Nawaz

Has  7+ years of experience in IT industry working as an Oracle DBA. He Started his Career in  Cognizant Technology solutions as a Senior Systems Executive at Bangalore India.

Currently working as Senior Oracle DB Consultant in UAE  for past 3.5 years.

He Is Expertise In Performance Tuning. He Manages Oracle , Ms SQL  and Mongo DBs.

You can find my articles from here. (Article count is 1)

Vijay Tumunuri

I am a Teradata certified Expert with 6 years of experience and has strong knowledge in Teradata Database architecture and Administration and expertise in troubleshooting user issues and problem analysis. And has hands-on experience in installation and configuration of Teradata database on Virtual Machines (TVME) and Public cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Naga Seshi Kumar Salveru

Over 7+ Years of IT experience including a 3 years of work experience in Silicon Valley (San Francisco).

Experienced in Implementation, Design, Development, Testing and Production support for Databases in industry verticals Financial, Transport, and Insurance Industries with excellent interpersonal, strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Expert in Migrating Databases across different flavours of Databases (RDBMS – RDBMS / RDBMS – NoSQL) Hands on experience setting up Database insfrastructure in AWS cloud.

Experienced in automation using Shell scripts. Experienced in working and collaborating with people from different work cultures Learning new technologies is always a desire.

You can find my articles from here. (Article Count is 1)

Pavithra Kumar

MySQL DBA for past 7+ year .
expertise on  InnoDB, MyISAM , NDB Cluster, Memory.
Expertise on Database architecture, High availability , scalability and optimization .

You can find my articles here. (Articles Count is 1)

Saw Hser Eh

I have been managing Sql server database for nearly 2 year.
my expert is Performance tuning and query optimization . and i also have experience on SSRS reporting  and other BI related things.
and also have experience on power BI.

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