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18 Nov by dbtut

“Not enough database memory” On GoldenGate

  If Goldengate doesn’t start with errors like this, the solution is very easy. Possible errors: Not enough database memory to honor requested MAX_SGA_SIZE of 400. PROCESS ABENDING. Solution: Set the parameters for streams_pool_size and shared_pool_size. streams_pool_size must be greater than the size specified in the error (400 in the example above). Then restart the […]
18 Nov by dbtut

How To Find Last Backup Dates Of SQL Server Databases

  With the help of the following script, you can find the date of the last backup of each database on that instance. ‘L’ indicates Log Backup. If you type ‘D’ in this section, you can see the last full backup date, if you type ‘G’, you can see the latest differential backup date. If […]
15 Nov by dbtut

Who is Running the Queries in Your Database On Oracle

  You can find the queries that are run in the database from v$sql, v$sql_text views, and who are running from sys.all_users. You can create queries by associating v$sql, v$sql_text views and sys.all_users. The sample query is as follows. [crayon-5bf18d82cc744394030733/]
15 Nov by dbtut

How To Change SQL Instance/Server Name

  Sometimes the name of the server changes and the SQL Server instance name must change accordingly. For example, suppose your server name is a test and you have an instance named testinstance on your test server. You can normally connect to Instance as “test\testinstance”. Suppose that the name of the test server is changed […]
14 Nov by dbtut

Oracle 12c IDENTITY Columns & Default SEQUENCES

  I will try to explain the identity feature, which is my favorite innovation in Oracle 12c. MS SQL and MYSQL users know the Identitiy feature. It is now also available in Oracle databases. We used SEQUENCE when this feature wasn’t available. While adding records to the table, we would take the new value of […]