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Adding Space to Sybase IQ server


Adding Space to Sybase IQ server

Little background about IQ space.

In IQ 15.0
Dbspace != dbfile
Under one dbspace we can have many dbfiles
dbspace is more like segment in ASE .

if IQ_USER_MAIN is out of space we can see these messages in iqmsg log file .


Query to check the  Usage space .


To list the dbfiles that are added to IQ_USER_MAIN.


In the above case we have three dbfiles already added to IQ_USER_MAIN . if we plan to add space then we can add IQ_USER_MAIN_004 .
if it is a raw device we have to work with Unix team to create it with the size we want .

Adding space to IQ Coordinator in a Multiplex environment .
1-    It is always a good idea to take a downtime window and add the space as we normally add more TB’s of space.
2-    For Multiplex environment it is recommended to Shutdown reader nodes (eg: reader1,reader2 or writter1 & 2…)
3-    Login to Coordinator and add new data files:

alter dbspace IQ_USER_MAIN add file IQ_USER_MAIN04  ‘/dev/raw/raw604’ size 240GB;

4-    Start Reader1/writer1  & Reader2/writer2 – start_sync



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