Monday , April 22 2024

IN SYBASE Tempdb Full


1.Check error log to find the tempdb full.

2.Find out the space free in tempdb using

3.dum tran with truncate only if still full than..

4.dump tran with no_log still full than..

5.Find process from syslogshold/sysprocesses. inform user about condition ask for killing if he says yes then

6 kill the process

If user says no than alter the tempdb

7. you can also use lct_admin(‘abort’,0,2) to kill all suspended transactions or last on recomendation restart the server

How to find which sid is filling tempdb ?

The best is to use the montables. Make sure you have mon tables activated. Once verified you can issue the following select statement:


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  1. If we have log shipping to disaster/remote site DB, and after “dump tran with no_log”.
    What should we do here for remote site (replicated) DB here?

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