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Connect to MySQL Server without password in safe mode

This article contains information about mysql safe mode such as start mysql in safe mode, find mysqld_safe location, changing password.

MySQL Safe Mode

Sometime you want to connect to your DB server without password because:

  • You forgot your password
  • The server is not responding properly
  • You get Access denied for user ‘xx’@’xxx’ (using password: YES)
  • The mysql.user table is corrupt
  • Take the database offline for all client
  • Many more …

In this article let assume we forgot our userID password and would like to reset it.

Stop MySQL

Find mysqld_safe location

To find the mysqld_safe location run the below command.

Start MySQL in Safe Mode

To start mysql in safe mode run the below command.

–skip-grant-tables: This option causes the server to start without using the privilege system at all, which gives anyone with access to the server unrestricted access to all databases

–skip-networking : This option will block TCP/IP Connection to MySQL except local connection.

This will be an ongoing command until the process is finished so open another shell/terminal window, log in without a password:

You don’t have to provide a password here, nice isn’t it!!

(replace xxx with your own userID and password)

Start MySQL server

Now you should be able to connect to root with your new password :

Give it a try in your development environment at first. Do not forget trying everything on development first.

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