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How to Install Apache Cassandra on CentOS 7

In this article, we will install apache cassandra on Centos 7 in a Standalone structure.

Now let’s start installing our Cassandra NoSQL database on Centos 7 step by step.

Step1: Install Required Packages

We start with the required package installations.

Step2: Java Installation and Configuration

Install Java

We are installing Java.

Check Java Version

We check our Java version.

Create JAVA_HOME Environment Variable

Optionally, you can create the JAVA_HOME environment variable as follows:

Step3: Create Repository

We create the repo.

We add the following information to the repo and save.

Step4: Install Cassandra

Now we are installing Cassandra.

We run the Daemon Reload command.

Start Cassandra Service

Enable Cassandra Service

Check the Status

We have completed Apache Cassandra Installation on our system. Our next article will be Apache Cassandra Cluster and its features.

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