Oracle 12c IDENTITY Columns & Default SEQUENCES

14 Nov by dbtut

Oracle 12c IDENTITY Columns & Default SEQUENCES

  I will try to explain the identity feature, which is my favorite innovation in Oracle 12c. MS SQL and MYSQL users know the Identitiy feature. It is now also available in Oracle databases. We used SEQUENCE when this feature wasn’t available. While adding records to the table, we would take the new value of […]
13 Nov by dbtut

Step By Step Oracle Apex Installation

  I tried to explain the apex installation step by step. Ensure that the Oracle Text component is also installed before you begin the installation. APEX needs this component. First, tablespaces are created: [crayon-5bf191d998745693685212/]   Then, creating the APEX_IMAGES virtual directory. If the database is RAC, the physical directory is being created on all servers. […]
13 Nov by dbtut

How To Read SQL Server Audit

  You can read the article “How To Create SQL Server Audit” to get more information about Audit and create an audit. You can read an audit via SSMS with the help of the following script. [crayon-5bf191d9989b7431333166/]   We read our audit “AuditFileName.sqlaudit” under “C:\Audit” path  in our script. You must write the path of […]
12 Nov by dbtut

How To Enable Archive Log Mode In Oracle RAC Database

Enabling the archive log mode in the RAC database is slightly different from the normal database. You can enable archive log mode in the rac database by following the steps below. [crayon-5bf191d998b70108843704/] As above, Automatic archival Enabled means everything is OK.
12 Nov by dbtut

How To Create SQL Server Audit

  We need to create an Audit to record transactions made by people and dbas in SQL Server. In this article, we will examine the process of creating an audit. We can define two types of audit.   Database Level Audit: First, right-click Audits in the Security section of SSMS and click on the new […]
11 Nov by dbtut

Difference Between Always On Failover Cluster, Database Mirroring, Always On Availability Group, Replication and Log Shipping

  I wanted to write this article to make it easier for you to choose between SQL Server’s technologies used for HA (High Availability) and DR (Disaster Recovery). Briefly, we will compare the technologies listed below. Always On Failover Cluster Database Mirroring Always ON Availability Group Replication Log Shipping   Always On Failover Cluster: You […]
10 Nov by dbtut

Collecting Environment Information

  You can use the following script to collect the enviroment information that are set on the user you are connecting to the database. This allows you to access all values assigned to the user. [crayon-5bf191d998ee9049635123/]