Declare Variables in SQL Server(TSQL)

13 Jan by dbtut

Declare Variables in SQL Server(TSQL)

  In this article I will describe how to declare variables in TSQL. We can declare variables in a few different ways. • Declare a single variable • Declare multiple variables at once • Set values when declaring variables • Set values when declaring multiple variables at once Declaring g a single variable: [crayon-5c3e6cbbb4e1c521963702/] We […]
12 Jan by dbtut

Exadata cellnode RS-7445 [Serv CELLSRV hang detected] [It will be restarted]

  On Exadata cellnodes, the RS-7445 error can be received due to the inability to send heartbeat under overload. This error appears in versions and of the Oracle Exadata Storage Server software. As a result of the error, the CELLSRV service is restarted by RS. When Cellnode alert.log is examined, errors will be […]
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ALTER TABLE Statement in SQL Server(TSQL)

We can perform the following operations with ALTER TABLE Statement. Add a column to a table Delete a column from a table Change the data type of a column Increase or decrease the size of a column Switch Partition Enable or disable Constraints or triggers In this article I will describe the above items through […]
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Moving SVN Repository to Another Oracle Enterprise Linux Server

In this article, I will mention about moving a subversion repository from one server to another. Actually, it is a backup and restore job by using svndump command. Backup your old RepositoryFirstly, backup your old repository by using below command. svnadmin dump /path/to/repository > repo_name.svn_dumpThe dump file contains all the revisions you have ever made […]
11 Jan by Ekrem Önsoy

Suddenly, AlwaysOn AG Replica was failed.

  Last night, a customer started to receive error messages about one of the Replica in an AlwaysOn Availability Group configuration. Error messages were related to the delay of replication and the failure of the corresponding Replica. I connected to the server and started reviewing the AlwaysOn AG Dashboard and related logs. I saw that […]
11 Jan by dbtut

Running an Existing Job Using Maintenance Plan

We perform maintenance operations on SQL Server using Maintenance Plan. In this article I will describe the process of running a sql server job. I will share links to articles of other processes that can be done using the Maintenance Plan at the end of the article. From the Management tab under SSMS, we select […]