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DB2 Database upgrade from db2 9.7 to db2 11.1

Note: First try below steps on test or non-prod server.

  • Keep software ready and accessible.
  • root access required to install binaries.
  • create new mount point for v11.1 binary installation and allocate sufficient space to new mount point.

Binary installation and upgrade steps

  • Take offline database backup keep it safe
  • Login as root user or sudo root
  • Unzip binary file


  • create new mount point for db2 v11.1 binary installation.
  • run db2 prerequisites command, prerequisites command will be in unzipped binary file.

If no error or warning message then good to go ahead with binary installation,

  • Install db binaries, once installation complete check DB2 installation log file completely.
  • Stop db2 instance running on db2 v9.7, Make sure no application connected to database, use below db2stop command and ip clean
  • Upgrade instance, Go to db2 v11.1 binary installation path

db2dbtut :- Instance name and fence id

  • Instance upgrade command completed successfully, now switch to instance owned id start the instance and check db2 version.
  • switch to instance db2dbtut, upgrade all database in instance db2dbtut using below db upgrade command

dbtut :- Database name

  • Run runstats on all database tables.

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  1. step by step ..very nice.. thanks

  2. We have to upgrade frist on 9.7 to 10.5 and then 11.1

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