Friday , July 19 2024

How To Make IMPDP Faster Using Oracle 12c New Feture


12c R1 Has a New Feature to suppress the generation of redo during Data Pump import.

This feature not only suppresses the redo generation but also optimizes the IMPDP.

I am showing in the below examples importing the table NAWAZ in normal conventional method and using the new feature.



In the above conventional method of Impdp took 5 minutes almost and generated the archive logs.


Now let us see the same expample using the 12c New feature for Impdp :- transform=disable_archive_logging:y


Here you can see there is an improvement in the elapsed time. This is how your impdp can be optimized in the simplest way

Similary you can try it for importing the indexes and other objects too.


The advantage here is the time we save, and no redo generation.

Every Environment has its own requirements. Before using this feature, make sure its gonna be ok ,if suppresing the redo generation is permissable in your environment.


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