Friday , July 19 2024

MySQL GUI Tools for Windows

MySQL Workbench

Workbench is the MySQL official GUI tool to access the MySQL database engine. The tool is very user friendly and a DBA does not feel any complication while using it. The tool provides the almost all the functionality required to a DBA.

Sometimes the software is crashing due to some missed system files in windows or buggy issues.

Navicat for MySQL

Navicate is a GUI tool with some advanced options to administer MySQL databases. you can Schedule database jobs – backup, restore, run reports etc using this tool. You need to purchase the tool. These features are not available in free version of Navicat.


dbForge Studio for MySQL

Comfortable user interface for both beginner and advanced users. dbForge has built in query profiler that allows to profile the query and compare it with other queries. dbForge provides GUI query builder and database builder. Drag and drop to build your own custom queries and database schema. Full database user management and privileges management options can be manages using this tool.


It has very innovative and elegant user interface, best one we’ve seen. It has visually designed the schema tables, constraints and queries.The following can be managed using SQLyog. Schedule tasks like backup, restore, email notifications.


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