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Service Broker In SQL Server


A service broker is a high availibity technique in SQL Server which was introduced from SQL Server 2005.
This is primarily to send the big files into smaller segments and assigning them a queue.
Normally it’s a good way of dealing with disaster recovery when their is point in time failure.

A service broker is most often used when the limitation is associated where we use a connection which is inferior from the rest of the world

The place where service broker is configured sends the data in queues, which can be treated as part of backup file and then is transmitted over a dedicated/leased
line to the server, and then then restored on the main database, which is fully functional.


The benefit of using service broker is that it allow multiple queues from different locations to insert into a Single Server(which is

In case any of XML file from one of the server location gets corrupted which is part of queue, then it gets send to the last where the DBA can manually check it and try to get it sorted out,
or permanently remove it from the queue or get a fresh copy of the XML file.




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