Friday , December 2 2022

How to do MySQL binary installation.


You can download the MySQL binary files from below link.

1:- Add OS group


2:- Add OS user


3:- Go to MySQL installation path


4:- Extract the tar.gz file


5:- Create a soft link with mysql with installation packages


6:-Go to mysql directory


7:- Create mysql-files directory


8:- Change the owner ship of mysql-files


9:- Change permission of mysql-files


10:- Create mysql data directory


11:- Change the ownership and assign privileges to them.


12:- Initialize the service


Note:-  –lc-messages-dir=”/usr/local/mysql/mysql-5.7.21-el7-x86_64/share/english/” Used this option because getting error of missing errormsg.sys file.

13:- Create the ssl key for security resons in mysql 5.7


14:- Start the service with below command


15:- Take a login and change the password with below command


16:- Set environment variables for easy use

  • in .bashrc file enter the below path
  • in .bash_profile file enter the same path there

17:- set the bash profile globaly

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