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RDS to RDS Database Refresh-Oracle


This document covers steps involved in refreshing an Oracle database schema where source and target both are AWS RDS databases



RDS Instances with enough free space
EC2 Instance to perform export-import- May be referred as a Jump Instance

Note: All the expdp/impdp commands and sql connections to be triggered from EC2 instance

Database Link Creation

Create a database link on Source DB



Note: the above link must be created in source RDS Database

Schema backup
Take the backup of the both the target and source schema.



Where Database_name is the TNS entry for source/target database.

This dump file will be transferred from source to target and used in import.

“Use DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER to place the exported dump file to an Amazon RDS DB instance



Import on target Instance

Source DB server:

“Use Data Pump to import the data file on the DB instance

Create impdp parfile and start the import.


Check if the schema is imported to RDS.


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