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Configuration of RMAN using Oracle 10g


There are many ways to setup the RMAN. Here i am using the separete database to store backup catalog information with windows Server 2008 (OS). Please remember, the directories and folder might change based on the OS and environment.

Here i am using UMIS as primary database and CATDB as catalog database.

Step1. Enable the archive log in UMIS database


Shutdown database:


Startup your database in mount state:


Configure your database in archivelog mode by issue the following:


Step2. Install the CATDB and Create the tablespace and user in catalog database to hold backup information.


Step3. Create the recovery catalog in catalog database.


Step4. Register the database with Catalog database. Each database should be registered to catalog database to run RMAN backup.


Step5. Configure the persistent parameters.


New RMAN configuration parameters:

New RMAN configuration parameters:

New RMAN configuration parameters:

New RMAN configuration parameters:


Step 6. Take database full backup. The full database backup should be taken first time. Afterwards, archivelog backup will be taken.

Now the RMAN setup is completed successfully. Here is the info about RMAN.

Note: We can run the below script daily at specific time by setting up the scheduler. Please follow the steps:

Wrtie one sql file named daily_backup.sql which should contain the following code.

Other file is bat file named daily_backup.bat (This file will call by scheduler) which should contain the following command.

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