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If we examine some performance parameters in postgresql, I will mention a few parameters that will be quite useful for performance.

You can configure the following parameters in the postgresql.conf file.


shared_buffer –> This parameter is the cache parameter. When setting the size of Shared Buffer it is recommended to set it to 25% larger than memory and 50% smaller than memory. In case of large set, it may cause other problems.

work_mem  –> The amount of memory to be given for each connection.

maintenance_work_mem –> The memory used when performing vacuum indexing.

effective_cache_size –> 3/4 of the total ram can be given.

wall_buffer –>writeahed log cache. The value can be up to 16MB. This value can be reduced if desired.

checkpoint_segments –> The default value is 10. A check point is made in 10 segments. Can be increased if desired.

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