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How To Move the Datafiles in Rac Database


HI Guys,

We were put in a Situation that we had to Create the New data files  for the tablespaces in the RECO diskgroup temporarily  in one of the RAC databases because we didn’t have much space in the DATA diskgroup.

So We had  Performed the tablespace re-org activity  one of the Big file tablespaces to reclaim the space on the DATA diskgroup.

Once we get the space back to the DATA diskgroup ,We had to move back all the datafiles back to DATA diskgroup from RECO diskgroup.Below is the action Plan I am planning to use and of course Tested the same method in one of our QA Envt’s.


Database Version: Exadata RAC database

Below is the action Plan I have used.


1- Make the tablespace offline:


2- Copy the data file to DATAC1 by using the RMAN


3- Switch the datafile to DATAC1


4- Make the tablespace online Again


5- Validating the status on the Datafiles


6- Drop the Datafile present in the RECO diskgroup.

Connect to ASM instance.


Drop the Data file present in the RECOC1


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