Saturday , June 10 2023

Mysql Incremental Backup using Percona Xtrabackup


Previously i just shared the full backup script. Now we will take incremental backups using last_checkpoints.

Basically, what this script will do is that it reads the last lsn_checkpoint and start taking incrmenetal from that point and finally update the recent lsn to the file LSN_FILE_NAME.

We don’t need full backup directory for taking incrementals.We can go with the LSN no also.


–extra-lsndir: save an extra copy of the xtrabackup_checkpoints and xtrabackup_info files in this directory.

–incremental-lsn: This option accepts a string argument that specifies the log sequence number (LSN) to use for the incremental backup. It is used with the –incremental option. It is used instead of specifying –incremental-basedir.


Restoring incremental Backups

1.Preparing the backup


2.Restoring the backup


Note –  Please go through with previous percona articles for better understanding

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