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Upgrade Oracle Opatch Version  


OPatch consists of patching utilities that help ensure your Oracle software stays current and secure.

Oracle recommends that you use the latest released OPatch, which is available for download from Oracle Support

Document Id: 274526.1

Opatch Number :  6880880


Our Example;

  • Product: Oracle Database
  • Release:
  • Platform: Linux x86-64


Download Opatch from Oracle Support;


But there’s a long list of choices – which one should you download:

You should use the version of OPatch that supports the ORACLE_HOME release.

For example, if your  Oracle Database Version is 12.0.1, then download OPatch version 12. If your  Oracle Database Version is 11.2, then download OPatch version 11.2.


Put this zip file to your Oracle_Home directory and backup your old version of opatch.


Note: if you want , you can add this path to your bash profile as below;

For Korn / Bourne shell:


OPatch creates a hidden directory in the $ORACLE_HOME


You can find number of patches being applied on this database as result of opatch lsinventory.


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