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How To Install Oracle Client For PostgreSQL On Centos


Oracle_client is required to connect to remote Oracle databases. For Oracle Foreign Data Wrapper, this installation needs to be done as follows.

First of all, we download the rpm package from oracle’s site at the link below.

We download the rpm package from the link below to our machine.


Run the following command to install the rpm package.


Installation has completed. But we need to do the following configuration for the client to work properly.

First we update the link.


After this process, we execute the following command.


We define the environment LD_LIBRARY_PATH;


After installing the above Rpm package, I recommend that you install the following packages to avoid problems.

Since I installed the Oracle client version 18.3, I downloaded below versions and you should download them according to your version.

  • oracle-instantclient18.3-sqlplus-
  • ¬†oracle-instantclient18.3-devel-


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