Wednesday , December 7 2022

How To Install PostgreSQL12 On Centos 8

In this article, we will install PostgreSQL 12 On Centos 8.

We choose the versions we will install by going to the link below.

Let’s do these steps by connecting to our Centos 8 operating system.

Step1: Install RPM Repos

When we run this script, we request permission for the installation and we proceed by typing y.

Step2: Install Client Packages

Step3: Initial Operations

We perform server packages installation, initdb process and service Enable and Start processes.

Step4: Check Service Status and Connect to PostgreSQL

Lets check the service status.

Lets connect to PostgreSQL.

NOTE: In the next article, I will explain the innovations announced with PostgreSQL 12.

You can contact me via e-mail or comments who have problems with the installation.

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