Oracle PDB Automatic Startup in 12C

We will explain Oracle PDB Automatic Startup in 12c in this article.

STEP 1 :-  Check The List Of PDBS . Here In My case NAWAZDB1 and NAWAZDB2 are the PDBS

STEP 2 :-

STEP 3 :-  Check the Open_mode of the PDBS . Here You will see the PDBS in Mount State

STEP 4 :-  Change the State Of PDB

Let us now open the 2  PDBS, and  save the state of NAWAZDB1 to save

Now you can check the  DBA_PDB_SAVED_STATES view :-

Here it shows the entry of NAWAZDB1  as shown below :-

Check the Database Open Mode :-

STEP 5 :-         

Now You will see that the NAWAZDB1 is in READ WRITE MODE where as  the NAWAZDB2 is in Mount State

Well Thats it, every time you restart your database you will now be able to see  NAWAZDB1 in read/write mode .

Similary You can discard this change If you want to start the PDB manually everytime you bounce the Instance .

STEP 1 :-

STEP 2 :-