Sunday , June 16 2024

Delete Archive logs Automatically on Standby

To delete archive logs automatically on standby you should set LOG_AUTO_DEL_RETENTION_TARGET  parameter. The Foreign Archive Logs in Logical Standby Database is automatically deleted by SQL Apply after the time specified in the LOG_AUTO_DEL_RETENTION_TARGET parameter.

Automatic deletion can be delayed with the DBMS_LOGSTDBY.APPLY_SET procedure.

Lets test it;

Step 1:

Query deleted logs.

Step 2:

Query whether logs are deleted by the operating system.

Step 3:

Set the Log_Auto_Del_Retention_Target Parameter to an appropriate value, and check if the logs are automatically deleted.

Step 4:

Check if the logs are deleted.

Step 5:

Check to see if the 69. Archive has been applied, which should be deleted but has not been deleted.

Step 6:

Manually trigger Procedure, which will delete logs.

Step 7:

Check if the logs are deleted.

Step 8:

Create CRONJOB to delete Logs on the operating system side.



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