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What is Microsoft Azure?

In today’s article, we will look for an answer to the question of What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is Microsoft’s Public Cloud application and infrastructure platform. You can use this platform in many ways.

For example, with Windows Azure, you can prepare an internet application that runs and stores its data through Microsoft data centers.

You can also use Windows Azure just to store data for applications that use data on-premises (i.e. outside of the public cloud).

You can also use Windows Azure to create virtual machines for development and testing or to run SharePoint and other applications.

You can also use Windows Azure to build massively scalable applications with many, many users.

Since the platform offers many services, all these and much more are possible.

When we ask why Windows Azure cloud, the following answers are briefly revealed in 10 items.

Top 10 Benefits of Windows Azure Cloud

1. Windows Azure is Cloud Computing itself.

2. Windows Azure provides Information Technology services from Microsoft Data Centers.

3. Windows Azure gives you access to IT resources and facilities by paying as you go.

4. In Windows Azure, you are in control, you have the opportunity to enlarge it to very high amounts according to your needs and then reduce it.

5. You can access resources quickly and easily in Windows Azure.

6. Windows Azure provides an open, flexible and reliable platform for any application.

7. Windows Azure provides virtual server, website, cloud platform for applications, data storage, network and similar services.

8. Windows Azure is the most widely used Cloud Computing service in 89 countries.

9. In Windows Azure, every information is secured by the Microsoft data center, which is spread all over the world, providing local and remote geographical redundancy.

10. With Windows Azure, you do less harm to the environment. You benefit from Microsoft’s standards-compliant data centers that use leading innovative technologies for growth, continuity, and power consumption.



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