Thursday , June 13 2024

Setting The Log Archive Trace Parameter

In today’s article we will learn to Setting The Log Archive Trace Parameter.

Although the LOG_ARCHIVE_TRACE parameter is an optional parameter, we use it for troubleshotting.

This parameter shows in detail the process of sending archives sent to the Standby party.

Trace files are written to the ADR (Automatic Diagnostic Repository) location. This location is as follows.

Although its default value is 0, it can take the following values. If we want more than one feature to be turned on then we add these values.


1. We list the files in the ADR_HOME directory according to the processing time, according to the old.

2. We set the LOG_ARCHIVE_TRACE parameter to a value.

3. We list the files in the ADR_HOME directory again according to the processing time.

New files that arrive after the parameter is set are marked in blue above.

4. When the log files are very large, we can search by word if we want.

5. We turn off the trace.




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