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Users Groups And Permissions In linux

In today’s article we will learn how to create Users Groups And Permissions In linux .

In my previous articles, I mentioned that everything in Linux is a file.

In this article, how do we authorize the files, which are the building blocks of Linux, what are the privileges on the file?

We will cover many issues such as creating a new user and authorizing the newly created user.

I tried to explain each subject differently with as few words as possible.

Linux is a multi-user operating system. Every running application is necessarily associated with a user and group.

What does it mean? For example, we have installed postgresql on our operating system,

there is a user and a group including this user in the files of this postgresql,

and we perform all accesses from Postgresql in accordance with these user and group rights.

In Linux operating systems, the most authorized user is the root user. With this user,

we can do all our operations through the operating system.

We can call the Administrator in the Windows operating system as a user.

Every linux operating system has a root user.

In Linux, you can create a different user and perform operations with this user as if you were root.

You can find detailed information about these in my next articles.


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