Saturday , March 25 2023

Maximum Protection Mode in DataGuard

In today’s article we will talk about a problem about Maximum Protection Mode in DataGuard.

If the Physical Standby database cannot be accessed somehow while Maximum Protection mode is selected, a problem occurs in the operations made from the Primary.

Let’s Test

1. We check the current Data Guard Configuration.

2. It is desirable to shut down the physical Standby database regularly.

The reason we got this error is because the Protection mode is Maximum Protection mode.

3. We force-close the physical Standby database.

4. It is desired to create a new table in the primary database.

At this stage, the database does not take any action and waits.

5. We open the Physical Standby database.

As soon as the physical Standby database is MOUNT, the table in the Primary database is created.

6. We check whether the table occurs in both databases.


Author: Onur ARDAHANLI


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