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Upgrade Oracle Database From To

In this article, I will talk about how to Upgrade Oracle Database From To



Database name : TESTDB


1. We create directories and give permissions.

2. We empty the Recyclebin.

3. We compile invalid objects.

Manual Upgrade

1. We copy the script files of the Preupgrade tool.

2. We run the Preupgrade tool.

3. We run preupgrade_fixup.sql and check the changes.

4. The suggested changes as a result of running preupgrade_fixup.sql are as follows.

5. We check the dbms_scheduler jobs and disable the enabled jobs.

6. We check the default tablespace of system and sys. Both must be the same.

7. We stop the Listener and close the database.

8. The new ORACLE HOME path is set.

9. Copy the spfile and password file under 11G $ORACLE_HOME/dbs to 12C $ORACLE_HOME/dbs.

10. We start the database in upgrade mode.

11. We run the catupgrd script file in 4 parallels.

12. We follow the log.

13. We open the database and run the Post-Upgrade tool.

14. We run catuppst.sql.

15. We run postupgrade_fixups.sql and do the suggested actions.

16. We check the upgraded database.

As we have seen above, the database is available in READ/WRITE mode after the upgrade.


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