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Opmnctl Commands

In today’s article I will talk about Oracle BI Opmnctl Commands.

opmnctl help

usage: opmnctl [verbose] [] []

verbose: print detailed execution message if available

Permitted // combinations are:

scope command options


start – Start opmn

startall – Start opmn & all managed processes

stopall – Stop opmn & all managed processes

shutdown – Shutdown opmn & all managed processes

[] startproc [= ..] – Start opmn managed processes

[] restartproc [= ..] – Restart opmn managed processes

[] stopproc [= ..] – Stop opmn managed processes

[] reload – Trigger opmn to reread opmn.xml

[] status [] – Get managed process status

[] metric [= ..] – Get DMS metrics for managed processes

[] dmsdump [] – Get DMS metrics for opmn

[] debug [= ..] – Display opmn server debug information

[] set [= ..] – Set opmn log parameters

[] query [=] – Query opmn log parameters

launch [= ..] – Launch a configured target process

phantom [= ..] – Register phantom processes

ping [] – Ping local opmn

validate [] – Validate the given opmn xml file

help – Print brief usage description

usage [] – Print detailed usage description

createinstance – Create an Oracle Instance

createcomponent – Create a specified component

deleteinstance – Delete an instance and components

deletecomponent – Delete a specified component

registerinstance – Register with admin server

unregisterinstance – Unregister with admin server

updateinstanceregistration – Update instance registration

updatecomponentregistration – Update component registration


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