Friday , June 21 2024

Oracle Service Bus

Some of our applications are running on Oracle Service Bus and are seriously resource consuming on mobile connections.

While installing the Oracle Service Bus, the oepe-wls installation is done with the oppressed 32 bit.

32-bit java can handle a maximum of 2 GB of ram, you may experience difficulties in busy environments.

The solution is quite simple.

First, install Jdk6u35 on the system. Make a note of the installed folder. I will install it under “C:\Java”.

Then open “SetDomainENV.bat” under “C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\osb_domain\bin” and find the following lines and edit the “JAVA_HOME” line according to you.

In this way, when Weblogic and other services start, it will run on 64-bit java path, not 32-bit java.

Now we are making ram settings.

We find the following lines again in setdomainenv.bat. Since the test machine I use has 16 GB of ram, I make my settings on it.

In this way, we can now increase the heap space according to the demand with our new settings.


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Burgra Parlayan is an experienced Database and Weblogic Administrator. After completing his technical / relevant training he has got involved with a serious amount of projects. He successfully managed database upgrade, database migration, database performance tuning projects for various public institutions.Currently he has been employed by one of the leading financial institutions called Turkiye Hayat & Emeklilik as responsible administrator for Oracle Database and Oracle Middleware. He has been sharing his experience and knowledge by face to face training, personal blog and various social networking accounts to support the Oracle ecosystem continuously since 2010.

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