Monday , December 4 2023

Disk Monitoring Commands In Linux

With the help of Disk Monitoring Commands in Linux, we can use the operating system or a database manager when there is any problem on the disk side or when information about the disk needs to be collected.

df -h command:
With the help of this command, you can view our defined disks and disk sizes.

parted -l command:
With the help of this command, you can get detailed information about the disk such as sector size, disk model, disk sizes.

lsblk command:
With the help of the lsblk command, you can see detailed information about the disks one after the other.

inxi command:
You can get information about the disk by using this command with the -D parameter.

For different uses of the commands mentioned above, you can view what can be done with which parameters by typing –help at the end of the specified commands.


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