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Azure Resource Group

The Azure platform is built on its second version, Azure Resource Manager (ARM). To date, Microsoft Azure supports resource group creation and management in two different architectures.

1. Classic Architecture: Accessed from the Classic Model or Azure Service Management (ASM) interface.

2. Resource Manager: Accessed from the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) interface

With the Resource Manager Architecture, management takes place through the next-generation Azure ARM Portal (

However, with the new generation azure portal, we can manage both the old v1 classical architecture and the new generation ARM resources.

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) also consists of two parts.

1. Resource Group

2. Resource Group Template

With the Resource Manager Architecture, every object opened in Azure is processed as a resource and resource groups are completely free.

It is the management layer that performs all operations related to the creation, configuration, management and deletion of ARM Resource groups and resources within them.

Resource Group is the name given to the containers used to group resources logically and administratively within the Azure Resource Manager architecture.

According to your usage groups (regardless of development, test, production), we can separate and manage resource groups according to your project or authorized department name.

You should remember that every resource must be linked to a resource group.

It can contain resources from different data centers within the resource group, and if you delete a resource group, all resources within that resource group will be deleted!

The features you can use thanks to the resource group are as follows.

Role Based Access Control: You can authorize Azure Resource Groups based on the role you define.

For example, an unauthorized person cannot access the resources in a resource group that you have created on behalf of computing.

Labeling of resources (Tag): You can tagging the defined resource group and define reminder tags for administration.

Azure Consumption and Billing Management: Pricing is the part that everyone needs the most.

You can see and manage how much you have paid for which resource group.

Resource Locks: You can prevent the accidental deletion of resources.

Audit Logs: You can see the audit logs of the authorizations you have applied to the resource groups.


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