Monday , September 25 2023

What Is Azure Arc

Azure Arc is an Azure service offered by Microsoft as a new hybrid management center that allows us to manage AWS or Google Cloud environments in organizations or companies through a single panel.

In short, you can distribute Azure services to the environments we want through Azure Arc.

By deploying Azure Arc, you deploy Azure Control Plane, and through this control plane,

you actually turn your servers in your own institution or company into Azure endpoints and start using Azure Services.

You can easily organize, manage and secure your Windows, Linux, SQL servers and Kubernetes clusters.

Azure Arc panel is a service that you can use directly through the Azure portal.

You can access the panel without having to create any resources. Azure Arc consists of 3 main categories in itself.

As we can see from the image below, when we switch to the Azure Arc panel, we see different classifications on the left.

1. Management



Especially in the infrastructure and services section, there are much more remarkable Azure features.

Picture-1 Arc categories

We examine the service features in the main categories in detail, but the most important part here is that if we want to use SQL Managed Instance or App Service,

you can deploy it to your own Institution / Company environments thanks to Azure Arc.

Since this deployment process allows you to use Azure services in your own data center at some point, you will not be stuck with any regulation.



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