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Change The Server’s IP In The RAC Database

The IP change procedure in a database that works as a RAC and is then downloaded to a single node due to the necessity of moving the server to a different VLAN is as follows.

Since the database runs on a single node, changes are required in SCAN_IP, VIP on the running node, and Public IP on the running node. For this reason, 3 IPs for Scan, 1 IP for VIP and 1 IP for Public IP were requested from the Network team.


NEW IPs /24 vlan : 2095 gw: .254

This is how we planned the configuration.

Public IP:
Virtual IP:
Scan IP:

We query the current configuration information.


We are stopping cluster services.

• Public IP change is made. [Public IP was in bond1 in ifconfig]



The hosts file is updated.

We are stopping the Listener services.

Scan listener is stopped.

VIP is stopped.

SCAN is stopped.

Bond1 is deleted.

NOTE: The reason we got an error is because the new IP is registered in /etc/hosts. The command is run by typing the old IP again.

Bond1 is Down.

If changes are desired to be made in Private IPs, necessary changes are made in the corresponding bond. In addition, we are making changes to the following.

Bond1 is UP.

We check if the IP exists elsewhere.

Bond1 is set with its new IP.

DNS change is made.

sbadb-scan dns record;
In its place
will be updated to

sbadb01 dns record;
In its place
will be updated to

sbadb01-vip dns record;
In its place
will be updated to

sbadb02 dns record;
will be deleted as it will not be used

sbadb02-vip dns record:
will be deleted as it will not be used

We’re checking to see if the DNS change has taken place.

The new IP is modified with srvctl.

The Listener, SCAN, SCAN_LISTENER services are started.

Cluster services are stopped and restarted.




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