Saturday , June 10 2023

Where Is Postgresql Log

If you do not know where postgresql is running or if you want to learn where postgresql is running on a server you do not know,you can use the command below.

With the above command, you can find out where postgresql is running and you can access the pg_wal file in it.

You can see above that more than one postgresql is running, so don’t be confused,

you can create more than one postgresql service on the same server.

Let’s find the wal folder in postgresql 10

We go to the first postgresql directory.

Here, when we list the contents with the ls command, we will see that there is the pg_wal folder.

Let’s go inside the pg_wal folder

Yes, the pg_wal folder is here,

but you can understand what these numbers are and why by reading the article in the link.



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