Monday , December 4 2023

Remap Schema

In some cases, it may be desirable to make a copy of an existing schema or to transfer a schema from one database to another. In this case we can use the Remap Schema property.

We can use the REMAP SCHEMA feature for two different jobs.

-We can move an existing schema to another database with the same schema name.

-We can create a copy of an existing schema with a different schema name.

1. First, let’s apply the first scenario.

Let’s check if there is “OE” schema (database name: catalog).

Let’s “export” from the database where the “OE” schema is (database name: cc).

Let’s transfer the “dump files” obtained from the “export” result to the database server where we will import (database name: cc).

Now we can perform the “import” operation (database name: catalog).

2. Let’s apply the second scenario.

First, let’s check the tables under the schema we want to transfer.

Now let’s export the schema.

Let’s create a new schema from our existing “EMRAH” schema. Before doing this, we do not need to create a new schema with the “create user” command.

Let’s check the tables.

“remap schema” is used to move all schema objects, not just tables.




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