Thursday , June 8 2023

Oracle Autonomous Health Framework

Today, we will examine the AHF tool offered by Oracle, which offers us the tools we used as orachk and exachk with more advanced features.

Oracle Autonnomous Health Framework (AHF) is an important tool that allows us to see errors and improve performance by making comprehensive checks on Oracle database exadata machine, cluster, grid and operating system, giving us advice.

However, AHF can also be used for checks prior to upgrading a database.

The report that comes out as a result of the operation of the tool offers us the parametric values that should be or what needs to be done.

You can download the Oracle AHF tool from the address below with your Oracle Support account.

Running Oracle AHF with root privileges will enable you to benefit from all its features.

If you run it with a different user, you will likely have to do the checks manually.

However, some packages must be installed before starting the installation of Oracle AHF.

Lack of packets will prevent the AHF tool from working properly.

With our Oracle Support account, we can start the installation of our AHF tool that we downloaded and installed on our operating system.

Installation completed successfully, let’s check the status.

Now that our vehicle is properly installed, we can run it.

We ran our tool with our ./orachk command.

First of all, it will provide control in applications such as grid and database after the operating system and will ask us on which SID we will operate.

After we make a selection, it will give us our output with full control.

The database we used for the test is “KADAYIFDB”

All our tests have been completed.

AHF output:

By taking a look at a sample output, we can see the details and take measures at relevant points.


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