Thursday , June 8 2023

Where Command In PostgreSQL

In today’s article, we will be cover about pulling a conditional row from the Table with the where command in PostgreSQL.

The where command is written as follows:


First, let’s see what we have in our table:

As seen above, there are 3 pieces of data in our table, when we want to bring those whose vize is over 35, we bring the first two records.

Well, how do we write it, we bring those whose vize is over 35.

As above, we write the visa column and the greater than sign after the where clause to get the result.

In the WHERE condition, we may sometimes want one or more values, or we may not want something in it.

In cases like this, we use logical operators.

AND: It is used to enter more than one value after the WHERE condition.

OR:  It is used to bring more than one condition at the same time.

NOTE:  It is used to return values other than the value entered in the specified column or columns.


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