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Oracle Database Grid 19C Upgrade 19.3 To 19.9

In today’s article, I will explain how to upgrade our Oracle Database 19.3 database built on Grid Infrastructure.

The database we will upgrade is running 19.3 and we will update it to 19.9.

Oracle publishes Patch Set Updates every 6 months.

These patches, which we can follow from the link below, are necessary for the security, performance and stable operation of both the Grid environment and the database.

First, the grid will be upgraded, then the database will be upgraded.

First of all, we make the following installations via support.

For GI Upgrade: 31750108
For DB Upgrade: 31771877

Let’s start ;

First of all, we will upgrade the GI, or Grid.

On the readme I used for the patch, it is stated that the Opatch version must be at least and later.

I will update Opatch now. Then I download the latest version (Patch 6880880) from support.

Let’s check the update.

We are checking if there is another patch that affects us.

If there are, we will need to rollback with the specified patch numbers.

I start as follows. The first 5 steps will be on GRID_HOME and the last 2 steps will be on ORACLE_HOME.

There is no problem, I continue with the others, one by one.

The last error doesn’t matter to us, this line is actually extra in the readme.

I run tests via Oracle HOME.

We are coming to the final stages. We open a file named “patch_list_gihome.txt” in tmp and add the following lines.

We make final checks after the addition process.

We will upgrade for GI with “opatchauto”.

In this way, all operations such as closing and opening CRS will be done automatically.

Opatch process for GI started

If you want, you can follow the situation via log file location.

GI Patch process is over and we have completed the process successfully.

Now we will continue for the database.

I quickly update Opatch from scratch. I am transferring the latest version of Opatch that I downloaded here.

Let’s start with database updates.

I’m doing the checks.

The problem does not appear. Now we close the Listener and the database.

And let the Patch begin.

Database patching process has been completed.

From now on, it’s comfortable. Let’s see what happened.

It looks like it’s loaded now.


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