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Install Powershell Module

Today, we will discuss dbatools, which is one of the features of SQL Server that allows us to perform SQL Server management processes through open source and PowerShell.

Its most distinctive features are that it is completely open source, created by the SQL Server Community, undergoes frequent development, and most of the processes can be automated.

DbaTools’ web address:

GitHub address:

Now, let’s install the Powershell module that we will use for SQL Server Management, which is nice and will be useful in many matters.

To install, we need to run PowerShell as an administrator. If we do not run it as an administrator, we will encounter an error message like the one below.

To run Powershell as an administrator, type powershell in the search field in Start, right-click and select run as administrator.

Run the following command in powershell to install the DBATools module.

As you can see in the picture above, it asks for permission to install (get DBATools’ dependencies).

Here you need to give permission with Y or A.

After the approval process, the dbatools module will be installed within a while, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

If there is an existing DBATools version on your system, you can run the command below to upgrade the version.

As a last step, for security reasons, Windows does not allow execution of PowerShell files downloaded from external sources or that are unreliable.

To allow this, we need to run the following command.

It will ask you for confirmation again. You must confirm with Y or A.

We have completed the installation of the DBATools module, in the next content I will be sharing content about what we can do using this module and the capabilities of the module.


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