Saturday , March 2 2024

Flashback Version Query In Oracle

In today’s article, I will be explaining how we can use the Flashback Version Query to provide a transaction ID that locates the specific transaction to e reversed.

1. We query the data in the table to be changed.

2. DML operations are performed on the table.

3. SQL*Plus variable is set to see the time.

4. Observe how the data in the table changes.

Description of the above output:

It is not known since when the value of Middle East and Africa, whose Region_id is 4, has been this way. Updated on 23-MAY-18 14:09:16 and the value was changed to Middle East. The ID of the transaction is 14000C0020220000. INSERT was performed on 23-MAY-18 14:09:59 with the transaction ID 11001F0028110000.



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